Websites and databases - Directors: Facundo Alvaredo, Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.
(*) I am responsible of the Data on Latin America and the Caribbean, including its progressive improvement and yearly updates.

A project hosted by the Paris School of Economics, The World Inequality Database is one of the world’s most comprehensive data sources on the distribution of income and wealth worldwide.

The GC Wealth Project - Director: Salvatore Morelli
(*) I am responsible for designing and overseeing the backend data architecture

A project of the Stone Center at the City University of New York, aimed at expanding and consolidating access to the most up-to-date research and information on wealth, wealth inequalities, and wealth transfers and related tax policies, across countries and over time. - with Mauricio De Rosa and Marc Morgan

An analytical project focusing on economic growth distribution in Latin America, showcasing detailed results from our research to highlight income disparities and the representation of wealthier demographics. It’s designed for a broad audience, enabling easy exploration, documentation, and download of the data.

Open source software

ineqstats: A Stata program developed for summarizing survey micro-data with weighted observations across various distributional dimensions.

It handles large data volumes, including information from different areas (countries or regions), over various time periods. This command is especially useful for comprehensive analysis of income and wealth distribution.

bfmtoy: A Stata package designed to simulate income distributions and draw biased samples.

This tool is tailored for researchers and analysts working in economic and social sciences, providing a way to analyze the impact of bias in survey data. It integrates seamlessly with Stata commands like bfmcorr and postbfm for advanced analyses.