Journal Articles

The Capital Share and Income Inequality: Increasing Gaps between Micro and Macro-data, Forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Inequality [Working Paper], [Appendix], [Code & Data]

Top Incomes in Chile: a Historical Perspective of Income Inequality (1964-2017) (with Claudia Sanhueza, Jorge Atria and Ricardo Mayer), Review of Income and Wealth, 2020, vol. 66, no 4, p. 850-874. [Working Paper], [Appendix], [Code & Data]

The Weight of the Rich: Improving Surveys using Tax Data (with Thomas Blanchet and Marc Morgan), WID Working Papers 2018/12 (R&R in the Journal of Economic Inequality)

Working Papers

'Land Inequality, Productivity and Biodiversity: A View from Space' (with Dylan Glover)

'Data Discrepancies and Inequality Measurement:A View from Latin America' (with Facundo Alvaredo, Mauricio De Rosa and Marc Morgan)

'More Unequal or Not as Rich? Distributing the Missing Half of National Income in Latin America' (with Mauricio De Rosa and Marc Morgan)

'Accounting for Capital and Wealth in Latin America' (with Luis Bauluz and Marc Morgan)

'Extreme Wealth Inequality: the Case of Chile', (with Pablo Gutierrez)

The World Inequality Database

Distributional National Accounts Guidelines: Methods and Concepts Used in the World Inequality Database (with the WID's co-directors and coordinators), WID Working Papers, Jul. 2020

November 2020 Update: What's New About Income Inequality in Latin America, See the corresponding Issue Brief and Technical Note


La Tercera (Chile) - interview: Chileno que trabaja con Piketty en datos de desigualdad: “Chile se ubica en el podio a nivel mundial de los países más desiguales”, 24 November 2020

BLU radio (Colombia) - interview: Datos de la DIAN no dan suficiente transparencia para evaluar desigualdad: Ignacio Flores, 19 November 2020

Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil) - op-ed: Apesar da crise da Covid-19, América Latina pode conter aumento da desigualdade, with Mauricio De Rosa and Marc Morgan, 8 May 2020

El País (Spain) - op-ed: La crisis es inevitable en América Latina, la desigualdad no, with Mauricio De Rosa and Marc Morgan, 31 May 2020

Le Monde (France) - op-ed: Au Chili, deux pays coexistent au sein d’un même, 5 Oct 2019