Working Papers

'Income Under the Carpet: What Gets Lost Between the Measure of Capital Shares and Inequality' [Paper]

Figure: Decreasing Household Share of Gross Capital Income, Balanced Panel (1995-2016)

'The Weight of the Rich: Improving Surveys using Tax Data'
with Thomas Blanchet and Marc Morgan [Paper]

Figure: The 'true' and the Biased Income Distribution

'Top Incomes in Chile: a Historical Perspective of Income Inequality (1964-2015)'
with Claudia Sanhueza, Jorge Atria and Ricardo Mayer [Paper] [Appendix]

Figure: Chilean Top 1% Share Compared to Other Countries (1964-2015)

Work in Progress

'Chilean Distributional National Accounts (1990-2015)'

'Chilean Wealth Inequality in the Long-run' with Pablo GutiƩrrez