Educational science (and other stuff) videos

The purpose of this section is to show a non-extensive collection of video-essays that I consider could be useful and interesting to anybody. They don't follow a particular order. Although I think there are strong links between various videos and toghether they display a stronger message, each one of them can be perfectly watched independently.


- The hidden cost of meat: complex externalities
- Psychology of irrational decision making
- Analogy: The mechanisms of diversity and ressources
- Thomas Piketty on wealth and income inequality
- Some insight on globalization
- Esther Duflo on fighting poverty
- History of exchange: The silk road
- Hotelling, competition that doesn't lead to a social optimum
- Richard Wilkinson on inequality and its interesting correlations
- Basics: The value of a dollar
- Analogy: Evolutionary stable strategies
- Joseph Stiglitz, some facts and the ethics of institutions
- Cesar Hidalgo on economic complexity
- Gabriel Zucman on wealth inequality
- Paul Krugman on the economics of happiness and unemployment
- Robert Solow and Paul Krugman commenting Anthony Atkinson's book (long)


- 4,669 and population's growth
- Euler's Number
- Collatz conjecture
- Euler-Mascheroni constant
- Simpson's paradox: How statistics can be missleading
- The Magic of triangles
- Benoit Mandelbrot on measuring roughness
- More on Fractacls and realist mathematics
- Mathematics of Crime and Terrorism
- The opposite of infinity, pi and derivatives
- What's wrong on how we teach Mathematics
- Pascal's triangle
- Zero is a special number
- Cedric Villiani on Nash (long)
- Fibonacci and the golden ratio
- Lucas numbers
- The map of Mathematics
- Intuition behind irrational numbers
- History of numerical systems


- Gravitational waves!
- A really brief History of Everything
- The map of Physics
- Entropy and time
- Black holes
- On the very nature of speed and acceleration
- The orbit of satelites and Lagrange points
- How do we know the composition of other planet's atmospheres?"
- Neutron stars
- The Standard model
- What is matter?
- Einstein: Light as a particle
- When you look at the night sky
- Putting the size of an atom in perspective
- What is the Higgs Boson?
- The Higgs Field
- Looking for the Higgs Boson
- Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
- Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (2)
- What is light?

Big History

- Some perspective
- How evolution works
- Human origins: Big perspective
- Don't know about you, but i live in year 12.017
- How to picture Earth's history


- What is life?
- Did we invent or discover Mathematics?
- Individuality
- What is information?
- Utilitarianism
- Ethics: the trolley problem
- Basics: Popper's theory of scientific knowledge

The World and its ecosystems

- Humboldt
- Who do flowers seduce?
- How plate tectonics actually work
- Should we save pandas?
- Why do deserts exist?
- Richard Dawkins on evolutionary stable trategies
- The secret life of plants
- Poor places are more diverse
- The animal kingdom, or the realm of the unfaithful
- Why sand is all the same
- Biggest living organism
- Draining the deep seas

History of people and civilizations

- Cleopatra
- French revolution
- Ghengis Khan
- History of marriage
- Napoleon Bonaparte
- The Encyclopedia
- Christopher Colombus